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It's boring me now, but then I get bored easily

Notes to self : -

I am here to be part of the fendom I like as much as I can.

'm not here to get distracted by irrelevant matters.

'm not here to get distracted by ‘sudden-crazes’ (closest I could come to the translation of what my basic linguistic group calls ‘hujug’).

I Do Not Hold with excluding any part of fandom.

And so, I am Not interested in exclusion of fen that’re albino-shading-to-pale-shading-to-palish – even if that's only the name of a community.

Except for the LULZworthiness of names of some comms – such as foc_u XD XD --- I mean, for God’s sake, if that one was named unintentionally, it’s a scream. And even if it was named intentionally, it’s quite funny XD

Relevant links : -

Pathway of melanin-production

Genes controlling production of melanin

Melanin is produced as protection against sunlight

Relevant point : There’re nasty people of every possible colour (within melanic limits, of course) all over the world !

Personal decision : I would prefer to remain ungrouped according to colour on the ‘net just as I would prefer not to bother with anyone else’s skin-colouration/s. Especially as OMG My First Fandom Star Trek Is Back OMG OMG !!! :) :) :)

So, racefail, mammothfail, whatever, GOODBYE ! And stay away from me so long as there’s any sort of differentiation according to skin-colouration/s.
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